I would like to tell you about my dear hobby. I breed Pomeranian dogs, they fill my days, and we also take them to dog shows. This is my hobby but I do it with passion. We live in the surroundings of a small town, and our backyard has been fenced Pom-proof, so we all live together inside and outside.

All of our three daughters already live in their own homes, and my husband and me enjoy our retirement with our Poms. Our daughters have a little bigger fur kids ;-)

As I said, this is my hobby, so I only have about three litters a year at the most. All the girls I use for breeding live with me. Pregnancy and whelping cause a stress for them, so I do not want Moms to be to be forced to whelp and take care of their puppies in a strange place.

I want to follow their temperaments, strengths and weaknesses, and they can whelp and nurse their puppies in their safe home with their own family. I feel it is important to know as much as possible about the dogs I use for breeding, and I want to be able to feed them myself.

My puppies start their lives in a room where I spend a lot of time myself. I make sure they have the opportunity to take care of their puppies in peace without any disturbances.
At the age of 4 weeks they have generally invaded the whole room. It is safe for them to get acquainted with our other dogs through a fence in front of the door. At the age of 6 weeks we take them to the real room: the kitchen!

I naturally have goals with my Poms: Health – that is the most important thing. Although a Pom is a small dog, it is nice to watch it move with drive. Temperament – they have to be happy, outgoing and friendly, and love company. Appearance – typical to the breed; a joy to watch J

Demo BIS-4 Int Show Porvoo -09

FCI gives us of course the proportions and other aspects as to their appearance. I love the beautiful faces of Poms. My goal is to combine a well moving, sound structure with a sweet face without forgetting the right bite, also one thing important is the pride of the Pom, its beautiful, dense coat.

My biggest help and ”sister in crime” is my daughter Maarit, Maarit is a very skilful handler, she always shows our dogs. Her 7-year experience as a junior handler has given a good basis.

She has also taken our dogs abroad with excellent results.

I have had the pleasure of buying dogs out of good lines, and it has made breeding really interesting. Most of my imports are out of American lines. I appreciate their strong bone, good coats and good movement, charming, happy temperaments. Not to mention a few lovely Swedish Poms

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed and come back some time later. I update the pages often.



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